My jewellery subscription scheme means you're supporting my work, and occasionally you'll get something nice in the post—one of the lovely things I've been working on recently before, before they're available to the public at large. It might be a necklace, a pair of earrings, a brooch, anything—though if there's something you can't wear, or a colour you hate with the fiery hate of a thousand suns, just say so in the "Special notes" box and I'll remember not to send you those. It won't be every month, but it'll be at least as many as if it were.

PayPal handles online subscriptions for me, but you don't need an account with them—your regular credit or debit card will work just fine. Once you sign up, you'll keep getting beautiful things through the post until you decide to unsubscribe, which you can do at any time with the button below.

If you prefer not to use PayPal, then just email me and I'll send you all the details to set up a standing order.

Just a note regarding postage—it's all included in the subscription price, so there's nothing extra to pay. If you're outside the UK, make sure to select the last option, though, or I won't be able to send your lovely things!  

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