Piet Mondrian

Generally, when we think of Mondrian, we think of something like this –

(Rhythm of Black Lines, c. 1935-42)

I’d had absolutely no idea that his early work was so different, and yet so similar. If you look at the brushwork and the patterns in this one (Gray Tree, 1911) –

– then there are very definitely similarities there. I’m yearning to go and look at his work in the flesh, or at least the canvas, now. Artchive has a really interesting essay on his work, explaining the progression. I love the image of artist as technocrat, and it’s very much of his age.

One thought on “Piet Mondrian

  1. There’s another Mondrian tree picture that is even less abstract than the one on your blogpost, so that one can see the evolution from one to the other. I like the horizontality of the branches.

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