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Folksy is apparently advertised as pretty much an alternative (and UK-based) version of Etsy, which I’ve looked into in the past and not had enough energy to set up and try out.

Since they’re in beta, though (but still open for sales & functionality), and I have a weakness for prodding websites till they break, I set up a shop there. It’s here. So far all I’ve put up there is a couple of prints, but I’m going to add some other things soon when I have samples – I’ve been working on belt buckles recently, having found some good lightweight blank plate buckles at JT Batchelor’s in Islington last week.

So, basically, yes, there is Stuff on sale, and (if I say so myself) at very reasonable prices. I’m also delighted to take on commissions.

Pewter-grey ribbon choker

This is something I made for Elly, which she’s quite pleased with. It’s made from 10mm double-satin ribbon, fastened at the back with a tiny buckle, and the eyelets for the tongue are just punched through and edged with varnish for strength. (Mind you, I need to redo them, because this was a bit of an experiment and I’ve found a better method – acrylic paint then varnish) as a result.

Elly with pewter-grey choker

Choker details

Photos by Nick Metcalfe. All rights reserved.

New GoodnessDirect logo

GoodnessDirect logo
Originally uploaded by Justin Fleming

Goodness Direct have decided to change their logo, and they’re asking for consultation. Here’s the proposed new version.

It bothers me a lot – garish and plain at the same time, with an odd variant of CMYK without the K. Green: the new black? That’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think it goes anywhere. Those shapes look like children’s sweets, packed full of artificial colours and flavourings.

Mind you, the text portion I like – it manages to be solid & reliable, while still looking modern.

Skin Coloured

Skin Coloured is “intended to be a collaborative, visual exploration of what it is to be non-white in a white culture.” I’m white myself (dark skinned, but unmistakably white), but this issue fascinates me. Racism, art & design, and usability issues all rolled into one.

They’re looking for more pictures with examples, so please do drop them a line if you have any.

Lammas prints

Yesterday was Lammas, or Lughnasadh if you prefer. It’s mostly an agrarian holyday, but I was brought up a pastoralist (Welsh hill farming isn’t really so concerned about the grain harvests) so the only aspect that really speaks to me is the sunlight. I started carving the block as the sunlight faded, and was printing these over midnight.

Lammas 2008 white 1.1 Lammas 2008 blue 1.1

Linocut on smooth white drawing paper, and on blue rough-weave handmade paper.