Che Guevara at El Alto

Via El Gaviero – in El Alto, Bolivia, there’s a seven-metre-tall statue of Che Guevara. It’s just so incredibly gorgeous, and the artistic style of it is perfect. The combination of scrap steel (the detritus of industry, the broken worn-out parts of the Great Machine, reclaimed and forged into revolutionary action) and that pose (strong, impressive, protective, powerful, but still somehow having fun) is perfect. It makes a perfect counterpoint to the hard, inhuman, but still utterly, wrenchingly gorgeous metal Futurist sculptures I normally fall for.

There’s another photo of it here – larger, and shows details of the construction, but I prefer the angle in the first.

Here’s an article from Prensa Latina talking about the statue before it’s built, and giving some detail of the symbolism.

Oh, and while I’m talking about things Bolivian – read T’anta Wawa Talks for funny, passionate, irascible Bolivian news & comment.


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