Monthly Archives: January 2012

Destruct testing, tool making, and jewellery

Damaged pendant

I’d been wondering where this was for a month or so, and it turned out it had been in an inner pocket of my belt pouch all along, with the leather cord wrapped around it. The continual pressure (and probably the warmth) has pulled off a little of the paint, but that’s all. I’m fairly encouraged, overall!

Knife handle

This is seasoned holly, cut from a tree in my garden a few months back when a branch was threatening the elder across the way. I need a new short-bladed carving knife with a full-sized handle, so this is the first step towards that. For the blade, I’m going to use a dismounted Opinel No. 2.

Black & silver chokers

These are always popular, but painting curves on the satin ribbon is awkward enough that I have terrible trouble getting around to finishing them off. One’s spoken for already, but the other will be up for sale when it’s done.

Midsummer Night's Dream jewellery blanks

Like the Twelfth Night jewellery I made, these are cut from an old and much-used play script. They’re going to be quite a lot more ornate, though, using the text more as a background than a main feature, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

A (short & incomplete) pragmatics of feminism

Problem: the world is largely run by muppets.
Observation: the world is largely run by privileged straight cis men (SCM). [Disclaimer: this also includes race, class, disability, &c. issues. Intersectionality applies, so ticking one box doesn’t give you a free pass on the rest.]
Observation: there are many fewer SCM than there are of Everyone Else.
Assumption: the ratio of muppetry to non-muppetry is more or less constant across different demographics, ie. if 15% of SCM are muppets then about 15% of Jewish lesbians are also muppets.
Corollary: a nontrivial number of SCM achieve leadership positions despite being muppets.
Corollary: a nontrivial number of Everyone Else are barred from leadership positions despite competence.
Therefore: opening up leadership positions to people who are not SCM is an easy win, expanding the pool of non-muppets available for leadership positions.
However: some SCM do not want to see the pool expanded, because that reduces their chances of a leadership position if they are muppets.
Also: many SCM do not care very much about the inclusion of Everyone Else in the potential leadership pool, for reasons including (but not limited to): because they do not see it as their problem; because they would actively rather things were run by groups of “proven competence”; or because they believe in pure meritocracy.
Also also: it’s a self-perpetuating problem, because SCM are generally bad at listening to people who are not perceived to be in the potential leadership pool.
Therefore: the SCM who Get It must deal with the other SCM, and need to be responsible themselves for promoting Everybody Else. It is not only, or even mostly, their job, but it isn’t Somebody Else’s Problem, and the results won’t be Somebody Else’s Win.

Nabod y Cartref

Who made me?
– well you should ask.
It’s now you’re asking, years later
after the rain and the wind.
Not them – they’ve been going round,
talked about wholesale replacement,
gone back inside.
Wasn’t him – he came to write,
never touched a mallet or the fencing pliers,
left in the winter.
Who remembers before then?
The sheep are gone.
So’s the butcher, and so are the women
who cooked lamb on Sundays.
Say it was the family – might as well be, now.
Say it was the ninth generation
in that old stone house there,
fed up with hauling stone and lopping thorn.
Might be the forestry down the road
gave up the stakes, might not.
Could be Taid whacked them in,
could be Huw from the village,
with his shirt off for Fflur to watch.
Could be they married, later,
moved out to Liverpool.
Doesn’t make a difference, now.
The sun’s still shining.