Destruct testing, tool making, and jewellery

Damaged pendant

I’d been wondering where this was for a month or so, and it turned out it had been in an inner pocket of my belt pouch all along, with the leather cord wrapped around it. The continual pressure (and probably the warmth) has pulled off a little of the paint, but that’s all. I’m fairly encouraged, overall!

Knife handle

This is seasoned holly, cut from a tree in my garden a few months back when a branch was threatening the elder across the way. I need a new short-bladed carving knife with a full-sized handle, so this is the first step towards that. For the blade, I’m going to use a dismounted Opinel No. 2.

Black & silver chokers

These are always popular, but painting curves on the satin ribbon is awkward enough that I have terrible trouble getting around to finishing them off. One’s spoken for already, but the other will be up for sale when it’s done.

Midsummer Night's Dream jewellery blanks

Like the Twelfth Night jewellery I made, these are cut from an old and much-used play script. They’re going to be quite a lot more ornate, though, using the text more as a background than a main feature, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.


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  1. All gorgeous, as ever. Could we discuss perhaps using one of your tree prints on a T-shirt for D’s upcoming birthday? I have just realised that it’s three weeks away and I have little idea of what to get him, as it’s all been so hectic lately. He was looking thoughtfully at some t-shirts with tree prints on them on Etsy a while ago, and I remember thinking that yours are so much nicer.

    As for the ribbons, I am downright lusting after them, but unfortunately I feel strangled with anything tied around my throat.

  2. Thank you! I’d be absolutely delighted with the T-shirt idea – it’s something I’ve been thinking about, but not got around to sorting out yet. I’d be happy either to get one done and send it, or let you have a suitable image file to take to local T-shirt printers, whichever will work best for you.

    I can sympathise with your problem with the ribbons, and I suspect that inch-wide ribbon would be a bit much for someone with your frame in any case. It’d be nice to find a way to make it work… hm. Maybe a gorget-type necklace, something like this?

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