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Free textures – threadbare velvet & raspberry swirls

I’m terribly sorry these are late – it’s been a hard few weeks. In recompense, here’s a double set of free textures, all of which are Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY) so you can use them freely in your own noncommercial work, and for commercial purposes if you credit me.

First up, here’s what expensive red velvet looks like if you cover a sofa in it and sit on it for several hundred years. (This is from the ballroom at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, so it was almost certainly sat on by this charmingly imperialist chap.)

This one’s an original painting in acrylics, which will doubtless become a much more complex original painting in acrylics at some point, but I always take a photo of the base layers for just this sort of purpose.

Again from Kedleston Hall, here’s some lovely characterful brickwork – I’m not sure whether this is eighteenth or nineteenth century work, but it’s been sheltered under an arch for all its life, so it’s picked up character without destruction.

Two digital paintings: a brown earth texture I made for a dirt path in a faux-mediaeval manuscript, and some loose, grainy blue chalk.

Again from Kedleston Hall, the bark of a tree I’ve tentatively identified as a Turkish tansy-leaved hawthorn.

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Textures – Roundels & tangled handwriting

Four more textures for you—three of them are versions of the same design, and I couldn’t choose between them. First, a repeating pattern of double-spiral roundels:

And second, the same with a more complex graduated background:

And third, a low-relief white-on-white version which reminds me of the old-time TARDIS control room roundels.

And lastly, layer on layer of messy, tangled handwriting on a blue & green intermix.

As always, these are Creative Commons (CC:BY) licensed, free for personal & commercial use, so long as you attribute them to me in commercial uses, and if you find them useful (and have it to spare) please do chuck a few dollars a month my way via Patreon.

Textures: Lammas sky, plum branch, and parchment

First, I have a skyscape – this is constructed in painterly layers by taking colours from the “Lammas evening” palette I put up last week.

Secondly, a lichen-dusted branch from a Victoria plum tree.

And thirdly, a piece of parchment, made out of digital sheepskin—that is, entirely using colours from July’s “Black & white sheep” palette.

As always, everything here is Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY) for personal & commercial use, no attribution required for personal use. And if any of these are useful to you, please consider becoming a patron—a few dollars a month helps keep me in tea & paintbrushes, and helps keep a roof over my head.

“Of his bones are coral made”

Here’s a glimpse of a new Shakespeare image, a visual setting of Ariel’s song from The Tempest. If you were a patron of mine, then you’d be able to download a high-resolution copy to print out! As it is, if you’re not, then you’ll have to wait till the whole set (a dozen or so prints, each with an iconic speech from a different play) is released.

Of course, it only takes a dollar or two a month to get on the super-secret distribution list…

Colour palettes for July

Slightly late, because I’ve been at a festival! Some of these are taken from things I found there, some again from my allotment, some from my wanderings elsewhere.

As always, these are Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY) – what this means is that you can use them however you want, but if you’re making money from them you should include a note saying where you got them. And as always, I’d love to see what you do with them!

Copy in SVG format

Colour textures: plasma, moss agate, and mother of pearl

I’d love to say “Here’s today’s free graphic textures”, but these are actually last week’s, because I spent Wednesday to Sunday in a field in Gloucestershire. In any case, they’re all digital paintings this time.

As always, these are Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY) – you can use them for whatever purpose you like, and all I ask is that if you use them in a commercial project you attribute it to me.
These are all 300dpi at A4 size – click through for the full-size image, or right-click & save.

First, I’ve got some red plasma for you.

And a panel of moss agate:

And to finish up, here’s some mother of pearl:

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