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Free colour textures – sky & weathered wood

More free colour textures for graphic design and artwork! As always, these are licensed under Creative Commons (CC:BY) – credit me for commercial use, but otherwise, do what you like with them. They’ll print out nicely (300dpi) at at least A4 size – click on the thumbnails for full-size versions, or right-click and save-as.

And again, if you find these useful, please give a thought to becoming a patron – even a dollar a month helps keep me in fresh air and sunlight.

First up, we have some digitally altered clouds, lifted from a beautiful September day and layered over swirls of ultramarine acrylic.

Secondly, the same clouds over a rich Victorian sepia.

And thirdly (fourthly) some beautiful weathered wood, first plain and then with a prominent knot.

Free colour textures – seaweeds

I’m afraid I haven’t had time to do any digital painting this week, because I’ve been rushing to finish off some stock for a JRR Tolkien fair, and also to make sure my partner Elly Hadaway’s CD gets out on time. Since the CD’s all about our mutual relationship with the landscape of the British Isles, though, I’ve been digging up a lot of photo references, which means it’s really easy for me to give you these, which I took on a beach on the Ross of Mull.

As always, click through for the full-size version – each is large enough to print at A4, and they’re all licensed under Creative Commons (CC:BY), which means you can use them for anything you like, but if you’re making money from it I want an acknowledgement that this part is my work.

Free colour textures – sunset, grass, and tartan

Here’s a set of three digital paintings, each based on one of August’s colour palettes. As always, they’ll print at 300dpi on A4, and they’re Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY), which means that you can use them for absolutely anything you like, but if you’re going to make money from them, you must acknowledge me by name & link. First, we have a bird’s-eye view of some well-trodden wet grass:

And next, a sunset-streaked sky:

And lastly, a digital tartan, taken from the colours of this summer’s crop of Shetland Black potatoes.

If you find these useful, please consider becoming a patron—even a couple of dollars a month will help keep me in seeds & tea.

Free colour palettes – August 2015

Hello and welcome to a new episode of “What colour is it?” with me, Somhairle Kelly, in which I look closely at all sorts of common things and turn them into a set of hex codes for your web & graphic design pleasure. These are Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY), which means you can use them for anything you like, but if you’re using them as part of a commercial design, you need to credit me by name & URL.

Download an SVG version