Free colour textures: Pickwick Papers

The weather’s getting a bit Dickensian out there today. Not Bleak House level, but soggy and dreary and grey. So today’s free colour textures starts with Dickens, and indeed with grey – it’s a transparent overlay using some paper texture and some text from Dickens’s novel The Pickwick Papers.

But just plain grey isn’t Victorian enough, so let’s add a bit of brown behind it for a good vintage sepia.

Or a respectable muted olive green:

Or for something wildly fashionable, a bit of that nice Mr Perkin’s mauve:

And for a more space age take on the concept, here’s a solid grid of pearlescent transparent windows:

And here’s some special bonus fallen leaves, because it’s November and they’re beautiful. These ones are from a turkey oak, in Rykneld Rec in Derbyshire.

As always, click on the image for the high-resolution version. They’ll print out at 300 dpi at A4 size, and they’re Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY) which means that you can do whatever you like with them, but if you’re making money from it (commercial use) then you must acknowledge me as their creator.

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