Free colour textures: walls and skies

This first texture is taken from a mediaeval ceramic tile in Derby museum. As always, click through for a full-size high-resolution version. It’ll print at A4, and it’s fully tileable.

The second is a straightforward photo of a Victorian brick wall, lovely and crumbly.

Pebbledashing houses and then painting them white is a very traditional practice, and it gives a lovely textured surface. I’ve stripped out the white here, to give a transparent overlayer that can be applied to anything else you like.

I looked up, and had to photograph this sky, with the conjunction of cloud, contrail, and clear blue forever.

Here we see the crooked bare branches of a mature plum tree, against a cloudy sky.

All of these are under a Creative Commons (CC:BY) license, which means that you can use them for anything you like, at no cost. If you’re using them in a paid project, you need to credit me, but otherwise there’s no need.

And if you find these useful, please give a thought to becoming a patron and helping me stay warm and well-fed this winter!


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