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Free colour textures: lapis, cloth, and marble

A lovely set for you today: some flat-design style cloth & marble textures, and a lapis-and-bronze faux-marble to go with them. Right-click on the images and ‘save as’ to get them for yourself, print them out for signs or scrapbooking, or use them in your own digital creations!

As always, these are Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY), so you’re welcome to use them in any way you like, but if you use them in commercial projects, you must credit me for them – and if you find them useful, why not support me on Patreon?

And for if you want to experiment with other marble colours, here’s the SVG file for the speckle pattern.

Free colour textures – star tiles, rust, and drowned rainbows

Four for you today – two digital paintings of some nice modish 70s tiles, a close-up of a rather battered and abused skip (red paint faded to pink, scratched off to let the steel rust), and an oil slick on a tarmac road. As always, these will print out at around A4 at 300dpi, and the yellow stars should be fully tileable for larger work. These are released under a Creative Commons license (CC:BY), which means you’re completely at liberty to use them for anything you like, but if it’s a commercial project then you must credit me for them.

And as always, if you find these useful, please give a thought or two to funding me on Patreon!

Skeletal bats!

If you were my patron, you’d already have received your link to a high-resolution downloadable version of this! And not just the purple, but a black & white version too, and a single bat for whatever graphic design purposes your generous (and spooky) heart could possibly desire.

But all is not lost! Do not let your heart fall into despair! If you visit Patreon now, you can sign up for as little as one US dollar a month, and then this and all the previous patron-only rewards will be right there for you to download and keep.

Free colour textures – sunset, grass, and tartan

Here’s a set of three digital paintings, each based on one of August’s colour palettes. As always, they’ll print at 300dpi on A4, and they’re Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY), which means that you can use them for absolutely anything you like, but if you’re going to make money from them, you must acknowledge me by name & link. First, we have a bird’s-eye view of some well-trodden wet grass:

And next, a sunset-streaked sky:

And lastly, a digital tartan, taken from the colours of this summer’s crop of Shetland Black potatoes.

If you find these useful, please consider becoming a patron—even a couple of dollars a month will help keep me in seeds & tea.

Textures – Roundels & tangled handwriting

Four more textures for you—three of them are versions of the same design, and I couldn’t choose between them. First, a repeating pattern of double-spiral roundels:

And second, the same with a more complex graduated background:

And third, a low-relief white-on-white version which reminds me of the old-time TARDIS control room roundels.

And lastly, layer on layer of messy, tangled handwriting on a blue & green intermix.

As always, these are Creative Commons (CC:BY) licensed, free for personal & commercial use, so long as you attribute them to me in commercial uses, and if you find them useful (and have it to spare) please do chuck a few dollars a month my way via Patreon.

“Of his bones are coral made”

Here’s a glimpse of a new Shakespeare image, a visual setting of Ariel’s song from The Tempest. If you were a patron of mine, then you’d be able to download a high-resolution copy to print out! As it is, if you’re not, then you’ll have to wait till the whole set (a dozen or so prints, each with an iconic speech from a different play) is released.

Of course, it only takes a dollar or two a month to get on the super-secret distribution list…

Desktop wallpapers for Patrons

Richard III wallpaper thumbnail This week’s set of free graphic textures will be a little late, but what I do have (for Patreon patrons only) is this lush desktop wallpaper set. It’s from Shakespeare’s Richard III, Act 1 Scene 1, juxtaposing an antique printed script with a manuscript version, over a rich brown field. It might be the brown of leather, or a horse’s hide, or the blood-soaked mud at Tewkesbury.

If you’d like to get hold of it, hop on over to Patreon and pledge—as little as US$1 a month will get you this, other things later on, and my immense appreciation.

Free colour textures – foxglove stars & Great Expectations

Here’s the second set of free colour textures—you can expect more weekly, probably on a Wednesday. Each of these is sized to print at a resolution of 300dpi at A4 size.

First, we have a flat field of warm grey splashed with foxglove-purple stars. (Right-click on the thumbnail to download the full-size version.)

Next, we’ve got two different old-book textures. Again, right-click on the thumbnail to download the full-size version. The text on both is taken from Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, and the first of these is very pale and washed-out.

The second is a mockup page from a cheap mass-market edition, probably published around 1912 and left on the shelf since then. Right-click on the thumbnail to download the full-size version. Incidentally, the font I used in this is Goudy Bookletter 1911, which is both beautiful and in the public domain.

These are all Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY), and you’re entirely at liberty to use them in your own art & design work, including for commercial purposes if you credit me.

Reversible pendants

Marvellous Loving pendant I’ve been experimenting with reversible pendants, with a different but related sentiment on each side. This is part of the Nights at the Circus series; the other side says “antic dreaming”, and this is the first prototype. It’s basically fine, but there’s one assembly problem, which is that the depth of the ribbon loop is noticeable, and it takes an annoying amount of pressure to keep the pendant together while the glue dries. Normally I use thinner mousseline ribbon, but I don’t have any narrow enough for this design (the whole thing is 30mm across, and anything wider than 3mm overwhelms the design) so I may have to experiment with using an interlayer with a cutout for the loop.