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Choral artwork

Damaged sheet music for artwork

I’ve been donated a pile of these beautiful choral & organ scores to work with, now they’re unfit for use. Really looking forward to starting off on them. First up, a set of jewellery using sheet music from Handel’s Messiah.

I’m still trying to decide what to do with the cover of this one, though – it’s such a gorgeous design in the beginning, and the years of wear from use look absolutely amazing. Any suggestions?


I picked up two rather good folkish albums recently, and wanted to pimp them out a bit.
The first is Bellowhead’s new album. It’s called Burlesque, but apart from the cover picture I don’t really see the connection. It’s based on traditional English folk, with some rock influence and brass, but it’s also good happy noisy bouncy music with your basic angry social message. And some seriously nice dancing tunes.

Their website plays sound at you. However, the sound it plays is this full-length recording of what I think is their best song – a live recording from the Roskilde festival. The studio version, on the CD, is much more polished. There are some more samples on the website, and on their Myspace, though I don’t know how many are full-length.

The second is Kila’s album Gambler’s Ballet (Amazon). It wouldn’t be too unfair to describe it as Irish nuclear folk, but basically it sits firmly in the musical genre of ‘awesome’. Gaelic singing, a fascinatingly eclectic instrument choice fiddle, bodhran, uilleann, hammered dulcimer, bass guitar, banjo, saxophones, tablas, clarinet, and something referred to as a stormbone. I’m really quite interested in finding out what that is now.