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Tree & lights

Final version - Tree & lights

This is another one taken from a digital photo, this time of a tree in the middle of Chesham in Buckinghamshire. (You can see the original, in full colour, below – as usual, click through to Flickr for the full version.) I loved the contrast of the dark branches, the bright fairy-lights, and the multitudinous blues of the sky so much, I had to work on it and turn it into something completely different.

I’m not planning on carving this one, but I shall be selling digital prints when I get everything set up. Watch this space!

Winter tree with lights 2

Update & announcement

I’ve been offered an exhibition at Slate in Leytonstone, a display venue for local artists using the windows of the closed council offices on the corner of Church Lane and Leytonstone High Road. That starts on December 17th and runs for six weeks, and I’ll be showing some of everything!

Since I haven’t posted recently about what I’ve been making, here’s some relevant picspam. These all involve photography & quite a lot of obsessive vector art. As always, click through to Flickr for the full-size versions.

Nettle pendant - finished!

Oak branch WIP 1

Design from birch branches, WIP 2

One White Tree

One White Tree - Black 1

I’m quite pleased with this one. The image of a white tree on a black ground is something I’ve been trying to do for a while now, and not managed to my satisfaction. I did this partly as an excuse to use the new white ink (Graphic Chemical printer’s ink – though having switched to a tin and spatula with the black, going back to the stiff metal tube for the white is painful) – or to put it another way, I got the white ink so I’d feel impelled to use it! The paper is Fabriano Tiziano, which is technically a pastel paper, but is also the best coloured paper I’ve found. The black handmade paper I posted about a while back is very nice, but it’s about as lightfast as your average Ringwraith, so no good there. I’m not sure about the rating of this stuff, but it’s got to be a great deal better.

I’m not so good at the symmetry thing, being thoroughly right-handed – it’s much, much easier for me to draw the network lines going up and to the left than it is to draw them up and to the right. The right hand side of the tree is much more fluid and less cluttered as a result.