About Eithin
Three things that all the world needs: art, design, and craft.

Eithin exists to make all three, and to make sure that what I make is both beautiful and affordable.I use materials that are as green and as meaningful as possible - recycled paper, low-impact processes, low embedded energy, and pieces with a story behind them, like the jewellery I make from old, broken books.

I don't use any solvents, heavy machinery, or high-temperature processes, and I source my materials as locally as I can, direct from the artisan or from small businesses whenever possible.

The junctions between art, craft, and design are fuzzy and imprecise, and that's rather the way I like it. Art for the sake of making, design for use & beauty, and neither work at all without craft.

About Somhairle Kelly
Almost all of my work comes from a love of words and landscapes - I was born in a blizzard on Easter Saturday, in the year of the Silver Jubilee, and brought up in the fields and woods of Essex before moving out to the mountainous heart of Snowdonia. I was always a bookish child, and one obsessed from an early age with stationery & art materials - I used to spend hours practising calligraphy and doodling monsters, though I had no patience for drawing landscapes or still lifes. I'm sure I was as much my art teacher's despair as the class was mine.

I wrote, and still do sometimes (though I never mastered the englyn), and spent my formative years on theatre & farmyard work, on mountain walks, and in every single library and bookshop within twenty miles. I studied chemistry at university, and it's left me with an all-pervading love of materials - how they're structured, what we use them for, where they come from, and how I can make them do something entirely different and unexpected.