The design and text are screenprinted, the frame is screenprinted and then overpainted to give the broader deckle.

For this one, I made a screen framework from scrap mountboard and stapled the screen onto it. Note to self – do not attempt to block it out in the same colour as the sharpie you use to draw the text on.

I used another scrap of mountboard for a squeegee – oddly, it’s remarkably difficult to find an actual squeegee around here. I’m sure I remember seeing them in all sorts of places, but when I’m actually looking for one…

The printing process went well, and it gave quite a lot fewer artifacts than the stencilling did. (Though, to be fair, that might also be down to taking more care over blocking it out.) One thing I did see was a set of blobs on the right-hand side, just outside the frame – that’s the other reason I overpainted it, of course.

It’s hard to make out with my crap photography, but there’s an interesting 3D effect on the second half of the text – a grey drop shadow to the right. I’m not sure whether that’s down to blocking or lifting or driving paint underneath, since I was standing on that side and spreading paint towards me.


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