Two Birds

I did these with another vinyl block, and discovered a couple of interesting things. The first is that – since the vinyl blocks are only 3.2mm deep, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting ink on the higher ridges outside the “official” design – it gives me interestingly unpredictable bits outside the edges. And if I try to eliminate them all, I end up going right through the block.

The second is the response of this particular paper – Atlantis heritage woodfree paper, 315 gsm, quite smooth and hard-surfaced – to soaking. The first image was done with dry paper, the second moderately-soaked – what I did was stack half a dozen pieces of paper up on a waterproof surface, giving each a thorough squirting with the plant mister before dropping the next on, and wiping off the surface water before dropping each one on the plate.

Bird with tail (unfeathered)

Bird with tail (feathered)


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