Lammas prints

Yesterday was Lammas, or Lughnasadh if you prefer. It’s mostly an agrarian holyday, but I was brought up a pastoralist (Welsh hill farming isn’t really so concerned about the grain harvests) so the only aspect that really speaks to me is the sunlight. I started carving the block as the sunlight faded, and was printing these over midnight.

Lammas 2008 white 1.1 Lammas 2008 blue 1.1

Linocut on smooth white drawing paper, and on blue rough-weave handmade paper.


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  1. The white one seems a little harsh – like a very white-hot sunny day (you know the ones; when the sun is so bright and hot that colours seem bleached out and everything goes black and white) – but I do like the blue one; it feels more restful. Like sun over the sea.

  2. Thank you both!

    I agree about the white – that particular paper is rather hard-surfaced and bright. I didn't think of using the blue paper when I was cutting it, but I did a print onto cornflower paper and saw the blue underneath when I picked up the paper, so that was an of-course moment.

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