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GoodnessDirect logo
Originally uploaded by Justin Fleming

Goodness Direct have decided to change their logo, and they’re asking for consultation. Here’s the proposed new version.

It bothers me a lot – garish and plain at the same time, with an odd variant of CMYK without the K. Green: the new black? That’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think it goes anywhere. Those shapes look like children’s sweets, packed full of artificial colours and flavourings.

Mind you, the text portion I like – it manages to be solid & reliable, while still looking modern.


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  1. I'm very much inclined to agree. The proposed lettering is very pleasing, the other design really does not succeed.

    As you say, the images look like sweets. They definitely don't seem to reflect what their company is trying to be about. Have you made your suggestions about it?

    (I know you could do a much better job yourself. 🙂 )

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