Black & silver D-ring choker collar

This has now found its proper home, and the lucky winner has very kindly given me a photo to post.

Black & silver D-ring choker


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  1. Hi just came across your site. I am looking for a cheap source of Vinyl or lino for linocut relief. My project is putting a press on a bike cart and peddling it around my town to do woodblock/linoblock prints on t-shirts as part of a promo campaign for the recreation dept (where I work here in Eugene, OR). I do most of my carving on wood. I am gathering blocks from other people in town and many prefer lino for its ease of use. Have you ever used vinyl floor tiles? I was wondering if they were an option.
    BTW I really like your site. You share a lot of great info about your process and I appreciate that. Particularly like your Scottish waves pieces.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks very much for your comment! That sounds like a really cool project.

    I like lino a lot, but I ought to do more work on wood. The vinyl I use is specialist Japanese carving vinyl, almost completely unlike floor tiles. I’ve never done a full piece on vinyl floor tiles, but I remember experimenting with carving one—it was very hard and slippery in comparison, and it’s also physically much thinner, while the surface is much more water-repellent. If you do try it, I’d be really interested to see the results.

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