Free colour textures – sharkstooth, polka dots, and fallen leaves

My darling readers, I have four more textures for you! The first two are made from September’s colour palettes – first, the leaves & berries of a hawthorn hedge, and secondly, two shades from a limpet shell. Both will print out at A4 (300dpi), and the polka-dotted limpets are fully tileable, too. As always, click through for the full size versions.

In addition, here’s a photograph, taken in cloudy October light, of linden leaves scattered on well-kept grass.

And finally for today, here’s another parchment texture, this time an aged and darkened one (in fact, dark enough to do well for badly kept acid paper) made from the colours of a tawny owl I met recently.

As always, everything is CC:BY licensed, meaning that you can use these however you like. (If you’re using them for commercial purposes, ie. making any money from them, then I need you to credit me.) And if these are useful to you, please consider becoming a patron, so I can keep myself in SF books and good poetry.


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