Spooky colour textures

It’s Halloween, when ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggety beasties and goths and witches come out to play, so here’s some purple and black for you! First, a tree:

And second, a bed of pebbles – or is it? No, it probably isn’t some hideous bubbling spawn of unspeakable things from beyond the stars after all. Almost certainly not. No. Pebbles.

And here’s the shadow-frame from the first, suitable for putting anything you like in the centre!

As always, these are Creative Commons licensed (CC:BY), which means you can use them for anything you like, for free, but if you’re making money from the results you must attribute my work to me.

They’ll print out at 300 dpi at A4 size – click through from the picture to the high-res version.

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