Free colour textures – monoprinting and ivy ghosts

I’ve been playing around with monoprinting again, and in particular, with the delightful patchy, branching effect that happens when you use far too much of something thick and gloopy. (In this case, it’s acrylic paint.) These will print out at (almost) A4 size at 300dpi, and as always, they’re licensed under Creative Commons (CC:BY) so that you can use them for anything you like, with the only restriction being that if you’re using them commercially (ie. making money out of them) I must be credited by name (Somhairle Kelly) and a link back to this blog.

This first one is the printing block – the surface you layer your thick gloopy paint onto – after one other piece has been pressed hard onto it and taken away.

Next, we have the second print taken from another block – you can see how patchy it is in comparison, because the paint is never going to transfer as well to the paper as it’s going to stay on the block. But you still have the delightful tree-and-river lines.

And to round things off on a similar theme, here’s what happens when you let ivy grow for years over a concrete bridge abutment, and then clear it all off.

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